Creating Identity: Logo Designs for Peepeekisis Development Limited

Creating Identity: Logo Designs for Peepeekisis Development Limited

In my role as a Marketing Communications Specialist at FHQ Developments, I recently had the incredible opportunity to work on a series of logo designs for Peepeekisis Development Limited (PDL), in collaboration with their various partners. What began as a project for two logos quickly blossomed into six distinct and meaningful logo packages that now represent the essence of PDL and its subsidiaries.

1. Miwasin Development Group Logo:
Miwasin, which means "it is good" in Cree, symbolizes the positive direction PDL is heading. This logo merges the traditional PDL drum with the flowing form of a river, a tribute to their partnership with Steel River Group. It's a visual embodiment of their commitment to both on and off-reserve development projects.

2. Awa Management Group Logo:
Awa Management Group's logo reflects their specialization in industrial construction. The steely grey palette captures the industrial essence of their services, conveying strength and reliability.

3. Peepeekisis Development Limited Logo:
Inspired by the success of the first two logos, PDL decided to revamp their corporate identity. The sleek and modern design mirrors their innovative and forward-thinking approach to economic development.

4. Buffalo Hill Gas & Convenience Logo:
Buffalo Hill Gas & Convenience, a newly opened establishment, aims to serve Peepeekisis Cree Nation and surrounding communities. The logo combines a buffalo and a gas nozzle, effectively communicating the range of offerings in a vibrant and eye-catching manner.

5. Peepeekisis Funeral Home Logo:
The gold-embellished logo for Peepeekisis Funeral Home exemplifies their deep commitment to honoring Indigenous funeral rights. This establishment, a development by Miwasin Development Group, exudes a sense of respect and dignity.

6. Let's Eat Logo:
Let's Eat, an integral part of Buffalo Hill Gas & Convenience, is a full-sized commercial kitchen offering fresh, diverse menus and catering services. The logo seamlessly connects to its parent company, sharing its vibrant and inviting aura.

As an Indigenous Graphic Designer, I am immensely honored to contribute my passion for art and design to support PDL's economic development endeavors. These logos aren't just symbols; they are the visual representation of PDL's values, ambitions, and dedication to their community and partners. Each design tells a unique story, and together, they form a cohesive narrative of growth, innovation, and cultural respect.

In the ever-evolving landscape of economic development, logos serve as powerful brand ambassadors, and I am confident that these logos will stand the test of time, leaving an indelible mark on PDL and its partners. It has been a privilege to be part of this journey, and I look forward to seeing these logos become iconic symbols of success and progress for years to come.

What does each logo package come with? Our logo design package is comprehensive and so we include in every package the following:
·       Logo Sheet (Hex Codes for primary colours used in design)
·       Primary Logo
·       Primary in Black Version
·       Primary in White Version
·       Abbreviated Logo
·       Abbreviated Logo in Black Version
·       Abbreviated Logo in White Version
·       Horizontal Logo
·       Horizontal Logo in Black Version
·       Horizontal Logo in White Version
·       Logo Assets (Icon, Mark, Brand, Emblem)
·       Logo Assets in Black Version
·       Logo Assets in White Version
Additional Assets, specifically the fonts used as well.
We also provide each design in 5 file formats:
·       Print (CMYK): .EPS & .PDF
·       Web (RGB): .PNG, .JPG, & .SVG